Forensic Engineering: Architectural, Structural, and Catastrophic Damage Analysis

Damage Assessment Services

When catastrophe strikes, ROV’s team of architectural and structural forensic engineers are ready to assist clients charged with determining the damage from floods, hurricanes, fire, and more. Our team of experts can ensure our customers are able to quickly and effectively able to serve their clients.

Types of Damage Analysis Services

ROV provides teams that can assess the cause and scope of the destruction, providing cost and time to repair analyses, feasibility studies, determination of structural and architectural safety. Whether your needs call for assistance with flood, wind, hurricane, or fire damage assessment, ROV has the forensic engineering specialists to assist.

  • Structural Analysis - We can evaluate a structure, provided temporary measures to make the building safe (if necessary), and provide reports and repair drawings efficiently and quickly.
  • Hurricane Damage Assessment - Our team of structural and architectural experts have decades of experience in assisting with evaluation and assessment after storm events such as hurricanes. Rely on the coast-to-coast domestic in Puerto Rico experience of ROV’s staff to assist you in meeting your deadlines and serving your members quickly and effectively. We can provide many services after a hurricane including:
    • Architectural and structural investigations
    • Provide temporary shoring design safe for re-entry
    • Reports and repair drawings
    • Expert witness testimony/reports
    • Roof evaluations
    • Repair vs. Replacement Analyses
  • Flood Damage Assessment
    • Flood Damage Analysis and Assessment Services - ROV has assembled a group of experts to provide the services required after flooding occurs. Our team of professionals can mobilize quickly to assist with all your forensic engineering needs including:
      • Flood damage assessments, reports
      • Structural investigations
      • Repair vs. replacement evaluations
      • Code upgrade vs repair evaluation and other claim services
  • Wind Damage Assessment - We stand at the ready to dispatch a team to meet your needs after damage occurs due to high wind. Our experts can provide a host of services to meet your needs. Our services include:
    • Wind vs. flood assessment
    • Wind damage repair design services
    • Structural and architectural analysis
    • Roof evaluation
    • Temporary repair and shoring design for re-entry
    • Forensic engineering reports
    • Expert witness testimony
  • Fire Damage Assessment - ROV can dispatch a team of experts to assist with a wide range of damage analysis services after a fire. We have assisted with fires in every type of terrain and can provide professionals from diverse fields such as forensic engineering specialists, claim experts, restoration and repair teams, construction professionals, fire damage experts, and more. ROV is prepared to assist with forensic engineering services after fires of any scope and size-from single-family homes to industrial complexes.
  • How ROV Engineering Services can assist after a Fire:
    • Evaluate the nature, extent, and cause of a fire
    • Damage assessment and analysis
    • Reports and documentation services
    • Expert testimony services
    • Claim assistance
    • Structural integrity assessment
    • Reconstruction services
    • Cost analyses
    • Claim code review
    • Third-party review

Our experts can assist with the evaluation of both commercial and residential properties, including industrial buildings and equipment, government/municipal buildings, agricultural machinery and facilities, and a multitude of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Why Choose ROV Engineering Services for Catastrophic Damage Assessment?

Our team of consultants have experience from coast to coast in Puerto Rico analyzing losses in a variety of sizes, from large industrial complexes to single family residences. ROV Engineering Services has experts in a multitude of fields including structural design, forensic analysis, claims, code review, project design lead, due diligence, and third-party review. We can help you serve your clients in a timely, accurate, and professional manner.